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If you are mixing professionally, then you need to have these bad boys ready to roll out. Sound reports help both DITs and Editors make sense of all of the audio files that were recorded following the end of a production day.

Even if you are shooting sync sound to the cameras, it’s always good to have some reference notes as to what the conditions were on set while the dialogue was being recorder.

You can create your own sound report or download some already made templates from Trew Audio. Click on the Sound Report tab to access all the various ones. Using a small aluminum storage clipboard goes a long way when out in the field.




Can’t forget about the Expendables! No, not the movie. These are all small items you use with your wireless lav mics for micing talent. Rycote Overcovers are best for under the clothes positions as are Sanken Rubber Mounts. The overcovers come with their own adhesive stickies while the Rubber Mount will need to be placed on talent with medical tape.

This is where Transpore medical tape and Ace Bandage come into play. The medical tape is best used with the with the Sanken Rubber Mounts. The residue of the Transpore tape also isn’t as bad as some of the other medical tapes out there and it works very will.

The Ace Bandage is used for placing the wireless transmitter on your talent by their ankles or other areas of the body. It all depends on the talent’s wardrobe. Sometimes, the wardrobe may conflict with the placement of the wireless transmitter of the talent. Use your best judgment.




All microphones needs shock mounts, no matter the size. There are various shock mounts available from various manufacturers and each one is tailored to a specific size. Rycote Invision microphone mounts are some of the best.

Be sure to read up on which one you need to buy for whatever shotgun mic you have chosen for your production. Same goes for the windshields and blimps.

The Blimp windscreen is aprofessional, adjustable windscreen with a shock mount for shotgun microphones. You’ll need a Boom Pole with this of course. A majority of these kits also come with a fur windscreen for additional support but if they don’t, it would be wise to purchase one. The biggest thing you need to look, feel, and listen for is handling noise from these items.

Obviously, the lower quality windscreens with bad microphone clamps are the ones will give you a lot of handling noise which is no good for your needs. Be sure to get something sturdy. If you can rent, then I would do that. RODE & Rycote make great windscreens and shields at prices you can afford.

These items are IMPORTANT if you plan to shoot outdoors. Mother nature and the elements tend to not be very friendly sometimes. <<< Back

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